No matter how you found me, welcome! Whether it was by accident, on purpose, through a search on illustration or reportage, however, welcome! I won’t bore you with the general overall regarding myself, you can read the About section above for the background info. To start, this first entry seems to be the hardest. In my head I am already on the tenth or eleventh, I lost count. I guess I have to catch up. Regardless, somehow the weight of introducing myself falls on this first greeting. For those who do not know, this is the professional blog of Dominick Santise, illustrator and member of Studio 1482. Over time you will find commentary on the business of illustration, my work, both professional and self-initiated, the range of illustration in todays market, the discipline of reportage, and anything that relates to the art of illustration. You will also find announcements regarding all things Studio 1482 and its nine members.

As part of a new feature of www.studio1482.com, this blog is a way to interact with clients, both existing and potential, as a means to understand what an illustrator should bring to the table as a contributor. Too often illustration is looked at as something to fill space, a decoration if you will. My job is to help visually explain whatever you are working on. Be it an editorial, a product, a new idea, an old idea that need not be forgotten, anything, my role is to make it that much more understood through images. So if you call for illustration, advertising, graphic design, publishing, web design, multimedia, photography, storyboards, film/video, fashion, packaging, or sculpture, you are looking in the right place. To see some of my work, click on over to our official site and take a look. In the meantime I will get to work on those other ten entries and I look forward to seeing you again soon.



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