Not The Dump Truck


I came back down a little while later that same Tuesday and found that the sliver of a sidewalk that led to Laundry Boy was gone. (No, I don’t do laundry every day.) Standing on the northwest corner of 95th Street, facing south, the walk sign leads pedestrians right into the bucket of the front loader operated by my friend from Monday. I figured the back end was just as good a view as any to immortalize him and his machine, so I stopped and blocked the other side of the street with my sketchbook, creating another obstruction along the already mangled path.

Over a week has gone by since I have been able to get back out there to draw, but the sidewalks still confuse me and for some reason I refuse to cross on the other side and go on a straight route down Second Avenue. Next week will hopefully produce a few more drawings. In the meantime I spent a few nights drawing the guys from Fleet Milling as they removed a few streets in the east 90’s. Those will go up in the the next few days.


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