The Drawbridge

oct11.jpgAbout a week after the last drawing on Second Avenue I found myself in front of the Key Food on the corner of 2nd and 92nd Street, one of the many businesses greatly disturbed by the construction. The access to these buildings is getting more and more limited. It was good to see the engine pull up and park on the other side of the street and watch the firemen make their way trough the maze and cross the moat and enter Key Food. You begin to understand the value of street traffic when you sit in the closed off corridor that is the only access to the many stores that are caged into their block and watch as so few people walk through and even fewer turn in. It still feels strange to basically stand in what used to be the middle of Second Avenue and look across a work zone to the stores, accessible only by what are now drawbridges crossing trench moats that will be filled with wires and pipes over the next month or so as they are moved out of the launch box zone.


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