Seasons Comes to Fruition


Recently Studio 1482 members Greg Betza, Despina Georgiadis, Michele Bedigian, and I were proud to send out our new campaign entitled “Seasons.” It was both the culmination of many months of personal and group efforts as well as the launching of an even bigger body of work to come. While Greg, Despina, and Michele have already talked about their thoughts on the project, I was reminded that I had yet to share my take on the whole process when I found a stack of mailing labels for our Canadian list. Sorry Canada, we love you, but I forgot that the rates are higher and I put the stamp run off—then buried the list. You will get yours this week, I promise.

As the resident production manager for most of Studio 1482’s promotions, I had the chance to once again search out our options for keeping our green-themed promo, well, green. Having grown up in a print shop from the time I was a little kid, any chance I get to really produce a job from beginning to end is always fun for me. This one was no less of a challenge or pleasure.

As the project unfolded we worked our way through several directions and steadily reduced our overall material footprint to a tasteful and sophisticated piece that we hope to see on the walls of a few art directors offices. In addition to keeping the materials at a minimum we also were introduced to the Mohawk Options line of paper and in the end chose the 100% postconsumer waste cream stock. That means all those other promos you throw in the recycling bin were used to make ours. That made us feel good. Seriously though, it is always great to work on a project with a list of priorities that does not start with costs, this one being first to maintain our eco-project with an eco-product. I have to thank everyone at Karr Graphics in New York for assisting us through the whole project, from initial research of material and quoting a dozen or more complicated alternatives to finally printing the piece you see above. Thankfully we sent quotes via email, otherwise we would have sacrificed a tree with all of my requests.


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