Five Things I Learned About Chicago

Took a quick but much needed road trip last week. Greg and I headed out to Chicago for the 3rd Annual Workbook Creative Carnival at Open Secret Studios. It was my second trip to the Second City and I was hoping it would put to rest my hesitations from the last time around. As far back as I can remember I have had this mild fascination with Chicago. I can’t really place a reason why but if there was one city I always wanted to visit this was it. The first time I was here I was on a clients dime and worked the entire time. Not that it was a bad visit or that I had a bad time, it was just uneventful and didn’t leave that longing to return. But I held onto my childhood dreams and scrapped the trip off to a bad tour guide. This time around Chicago delivered. I could have spent a month there and still left with a list of things to do. Greg and I were able to get as much drawing in as we could, ate some great pizza, drank (sorry Greg, I am such light weight), and made some new friends. All in all a fantastic trip and I am ready to go back the second I have a chance.


The Sears Tower


As for the things I learned in Chicago, in no particular order:
1. The Sears Tower is now the Willis Tower. Still not sure why. Go look it up, I am right now.

2. The women are tall. No seriously, I have never seen so many tall woman in one place in my life.

3. Possibly the friendliest place I have ever been to. Minus one moment we witnessed, I don’t think I saw a single stressful exchange.

4. Chicagoans love Chicago. There was this all around pride and camaraderie when we went out. And they like to go out. Late. Thursday nights are like a Sunday morning in NYC compared to Chicago.

5. Could be the cleanest city I have ever seen. Even the outer “boroughs” were clean. A great place.

Thanks for all who hosted us. See you next time.


El Train in The Loop



Chicago Theater



The Picasso  in Daley Square



The “Bean,” Cloud Gate by Anish Kapoor



DuSable Bridge over the Chicago River


Me drawing the bean, courtesy Greg Betza

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  1. Chicago : greg betza i l l u s t r a t i o n

    […] Dominick Santise and I decided to stay a few days in Chicago after the Workbook Creative Carnival. […]

  2. Rob Waters

    Love you work!!!! Really fresh!
    You’ve inspired me to be really loose.
    I sketch at Palette and Chisel (life models).
    Love the challenge that ‘location’ drawing presents.

    Glad you like our city (Chicago).
    Come back any time!

  3. Dominick

    Thanks Audrey, Chicago was a blast.

  4. Dominick

    Thanks Rob, so nice for you to say. It was a great week in Chicago. Life drawing at the Workbook event and location drawing in your great city. I hope to be back as soon as I can. Keep on drawing.

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