A New Friend

The Robins were out in full flurry this past weekend, devouring the berries from our holly tree and making it known throughout the neighborhood that they are in fact active this winter. Questions of migration and who should be here this time of year and who should not were the topic of a few debates, I wondered what one of my new backyard friends does for the winter. I had either never seen or never paid much attention to the monochrome bird that I “discovered” two years ago as I was spending so much more time outside. Sleek and elegant, popping into the back yard and fluttering out as quickly, I soon learned that this visitor was a Grey Cat Bird—and I soon heard why as well. While I won’t be seeing any of them for a few months, stepping outside—even on these cold winter days—can lead to great discoveries, so next weekend I will be going the Great Backyard Bird Count to put some of my birding to the test. I’ll have a ton of Robins if there are any berries remain.  —Dominick

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